DTA Digital Cinema Projection Launches New Website

by Kevin Little

You may have noticed the new change to the DTA Digital Cinema Projection website – an entirely new look! We hope that you enjoy the higher quality imagery, and easier navigation. Digital cinema and DCI compliance is a highly specialized field. Services need true expertise, and purchase requires informed good advice. We have a saying – “how do you get twenty years experience?” – of course the answer is doing it for twenty years. There are no shortcuts.

The first thing you’ll notice is our two main options on the homepage: projector rentals and purchasing options.

When you rent or engage us for a screening or film festival, you’re hiring a team of highly-trained digital and experienced cinema projection engineers with a solid reputation and best track record. We provide the equipment and know-how: down to the lenses, servers, backups, audio options (matched to the venue). We work as part of your team to solve frequent issues of non-indigestible content and bad KDM’s.

The advance pre-sales process starts with a conversation about the venue – dates and times, location, electrical power availability, screen size etc. After we have enough information, we provide you with a customized quote to fit your event needs. Usually a site visit is useful and helpful to everyone.

Buying a cinema projector can be a more simple process, if you’re professionally trained and know the more technical details of projection. If not, we are able to offer recommendations for projector, server and audio processors. We can help you understand the intricacies of installation right down to projection port glass.
With our new and improved catalog, reviewing the newest projector models, and purchasing is a breeze. On each projector’s page you’ll see a few paragraphs of information about the projector, with specifications and what’s included with each unit. When you need more detailed information and specifications for all needed accessories, we will assist in helping you make decisions that are in your interest involved with when you contact us.

There’s much more to be seen on our new site, so be sure to look around. We’re celebrating 20 years in business for 2018 – an achievement we are proud to hold. Let DTA Digital Cinema Projection help you in realizing your big goals in film this year!

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