Digital Cinema Projection – Training for 2018

by Kevin Little

When planning to own and operate a digital cinema projection system, there are a great number of maintenance, staffing and safety details to factor in. Anyone with their hands on these machines needs technical mastery of operations basics, setup, preventative maintenance. Understanding: operation basics, movie ingest, KDM’s, electrical power, brightness (lumens), color correction, common issues and so more are ESSENTIAL.

For any company that focuses on projection as part of their business, training is of utmost importance. You need education to protect your technical investments and employees, but also leave a great impression. Etiquette and field experience notwithstanding, you want operators that are trained to succeed every time that projector throws light onto a screen, and are prepared beyond any sort of “worst case scenario”. Reliability and consistency are crucial in the A/V tech industry.

DTA Global is a leading provider of digital cinema projection training. Whether at our facility or yours, DTA’s DCI-compliance and projection certifications ensure that your staff receives the best training on operating the leading digital cinema projectors on the market. With over 100 combined years of experience among our trained-and-tested crew, you can be assured that your staff will leave with a full knowledge of how to operate and properly maintain digital cinema projectors.

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