Accessibility for Guests with Hearing Loss or Impaired Vision

by Bob Deutsch

Dolby Accessibility Solution

Dolby Accessibility Solution receiver

DTA Digital Cinema employs the industry’s most advanced a/v technologies to transform indoor and outdoor spaces into movie event destinations. These capabilities include HiVi assistive listening, audio narration and closed captions delivered by the Dolby Accessibility Solution (DAS) to ensure EVERY guest enjoys a spectacular movie experience.

DAS broadcasts hearing impaired (HI) amplified audio, visually impaired narrative (VI-N) audio, and closed captions (CC) in real time to individual guest receivers in any room where audience accessibility is required.

DAS wirelessly streams HI audio, VI-N audio, and CC from any digital cinema package (DCP) containing accessible content, avoiding synchronization issues associated with cloud-based solutions.

Guests can choose the experience they prefer: either CC display, HI on both ears, VI-N on both ears, or HI and VI-N together (one for each ear).

A single Wi-Fi router connected to our DAS server can reach every seat and, for especially large event spaces, more than one Wi-Fi router can be installed.

Each guest receiver provides:

  • A touchscreen display with privacy filter to minimize distraction to other patrons
  • Selection from 6 CC languages depending on the languages contained in the DCP
  • Adjustable volume setting
  • 6-hour rechargeable battery with easy-to-see battery level indicator
  • Standard 3.5 mm stereo jack for supplied headphones or patron-owned headphones
Dolby Accessibility Solution server

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