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Christie CP2220 Digital Cinema Projector (2k/4k)

The Christie CP2220 digital cinema projector is designed for ease of use and maximum reliability to make sure your next DCI-compliant show goes off without a hitch! Perfect for our larger AIRSCREEN Classic inflatable movie screen, this projector can pair with anything up to 70 feet wide. The new user interface and electronics showcase improvements in speed and performance that help make the Christie CP2220 digital cinema projector the workhorse of the industry. At DTA Digital Cinema Projection, we know that each installation is unique, so call us today at (866) 448-3456 to discuss how we can customize this projector to fit your needs.

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astro“Outdoor Movies has the best outdoor movie audio / video systems on the market. I had been shopping for a complete Outdoor Cinema package for my rental company and came across Outdoor Movies. I made one phone call to discuss my application and then met with Bob for a demonstration of the equipment; I was sold on the quality in no time.”

Tom Phillips, Astro Events