DCP Uses and Applications

DTA Digital Cinema is renowned for the industry’s latest and most impressive DCP projection and sound technologies for large scale movie events, indoors and outdoors.

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Reasons Customers Prefer DTA Digital Cinema

Ingenious Design


Tell us about your venue, timetable, related requirements and capabilities. One call sets our team in motion.

Commercial Quality

Turnkey Solutions

We own twelve DCP projectors and an incredibly deep inventory of servers, lenses, theatrical screens and audio for almost any venue you can imagine.

Global Reach

World Class

Our certified engineers are trusted worldwide for candid, informed, on-budget recommendations.

Audience Accessibility

For moviegoers with hearing loss or impaired vision, DTA capabilities include the Dolby Accessibility Solution (DAS) to ensure everyone enjoys a spectacular movie experience. DAS delivers hearing impaired (HI) amplified audio, visually impaired narrative (VI-N) audio, and closed captions (CC) to individual guest receivers in real time.

Temporary Cinema Builds

DTA engineers plan and build theatrical-caliber temporary cinema spaces. Sight lines, venue geometry, audio analysis and aesthetics are components of a DTA site plan. Clients can see 3D illustrations of the end result in advance of the build, and place themselves in any seat to preview what the audience will see.

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