Why Digital Cinema?

A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is the digital equivalent of a 35mm movie print. It is a worldwide technical specification for reliable, high-quality playback of movies set by Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), a joint venture of Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal and Warner Brothers Studios. Now more than ever, a DCP projector is contractually required for permission to screen a major movie studio release … even to a small audience at a college or for a community event.

We rent and sell 2k and 4k DCP projectors for every screen size

Renting or owning a DCP projector is uncomplicated when you work with DTA Digital Cinema Projection, North America’s leading supplier of digital cinema projectors, movie screens, and cinema services for film festivals and special events.

Tell us about your venue, timetable, related requirements and capabilities. One phone call (or this short form) will set in motion the agile team at DTA Digital Cinema Projection to deliver the DCP projector(s) you need … on time and on budget.

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What Our Customers Say

Key West Film Festival

We can’t thank you enough for the incredible job you and your team pulled off. Projection and presentation had been the ultimate thorn in our side, be it trying to wing it on our own or even working with a year round art house theater staff who just weren’t acquainted with the fast grind of a festival.

I worried about a million things incessantly over the last week but the one area about which I had no fears was projection and presentation after seeing your team in action on the first night. It’s something our audiences really noticed, though in your case, the best way they notice your excellence is by not noticing anything at all.

Thank you so much.

Michael Tuckman
Key West Film Festival

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