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Christie CP4330-RGB Laser (4K)

The Christie® CP4330-RGB is a compact, pure laser, 28,000 lumen DCI-compliant projector that delivers a premium movie-going experience at the lowest total cost of ownership in its class.

Wow your audiences with image performance at its finest! The CP4330-RGB sets a new benchmark for cinematic exhibition with 4K resolution, expanded color gamut, high frame rate, and contrast ratios that far exceed the DCI specification.

With Christie RealLaser™ illumination, the CP4330-RGB laser light source will be stable for 30,000 hours before dropping to 80% original brightness. This is more than 8 years of virtually maintenance-free operation for a typical theater. RealLaser™ features an all-new patented sealed optical path for unmatched long-term stability and reliability. No other illumination technology compares.

Once reserved for large format theaters, RGB pure laser is now affordable and ready for prime time. Thanks to highly-efficient next-generation laser diodes, Christie engineered a truly affordable direct-coupled RGB pure laser projector. No need for bulky and noisy external chillers, expensive fiber-coupling, or concerns about space when retrofitting an existing booth.

[USA Pricing Only]


  • Long-lasting high-performance laser light source
  • Expansive color gamut and contrast ratios up to 6,000:1
  • Touch panel controller with streamlined user interface
  • Simple playback, scheduling and management of cinema content
  • Future proof high frame rate capability
  • Decrypts content for DCI playback
  • Future-proof High Frame Rate capable
  • Motorized lens mount
  • Compact form factor
  • Lens, external storage, installation and training not included. Please contact us for additional information.


  • Technology: Enhanced 4K 3-chip DMD DLP Cinema®
  • Brightness: 28,000 Lumens
  • Resolution: 4096 x 2160 (4K)
  • Contrast Ration: 6000:1
  • Color Gamut: >90% Rec 2020 coverage
  • Input Live Voltage: Single phase 220V
  • Frame Rate: 2K 120fps and 4K 48fps for native 4K 3D playback
  • HDMI v1.4a x2
  • 3D sync connector
  • Fully motorized Intelligent Lens System (ILS™)
  • Lens Options: 1.13-1.66, 1.31-1.85, 1.45-2.17, 1.63-2.71, 1.95-3.26, 2.71-3.89, 3.89-5.43, 4.98-7.69
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 37.2 x 28 x 20.7 inches (944 x 711 x 525mm)
  • Weight: 285 lbs (130 kg)

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