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Christie CP4220 (4K)

The Christie CP4220 digital cinema projector is one of the first fully DCI-compliant projectors to offer native 4K resolution. This projector is for those in search of the highest quality projection for screen sizes up to 70 feet wide. It is prepared for the future of Digital Cinema technology, with premium upgrades and proven design technology. As the pioneer of digital projection technology for cinema, the Christie CP4220 provides the highest level of content security, easy adaptability, efficient operation, and straightforward maintenance. Capable of displaying premium 4K content or 2D/3D 2K High Frame Rate (HFR) feature films and alternative content in its original format. Give your audiences the best visual experience every time with Christie.

[USA Pricing Only]



  • Enhanced 4K experience for the lowest cost DLP® operation.
  • Align pixels perfectly for optimal image quality.
  • Streamline time consuming maintenance procedures.
  • Touch panel controller (TPC)
  • Lens, lamp, external storage, installation and training not included. Please contact us for additional information.


  • Max Screen Width: Up to 70 Feet
  • Technology: 1.4″ DMD Enhanced 4K 3DLP Cinema
  • Brightness: 22,000 Lumens within DCI color space
  • Color gamut: 35.2 trillion colors
  • Resolution: 4096 x 2160 (4K)
  • Power Supply: Single phase 220V
  • Motorized lens mount
  • Weight: 245 lbs. (111 kg)

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